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"Received it today. Thanks for getting that out so fast" --D.N. Wyoming

" I would like to leave a testimonial--- after seeing the part you sent, it looks so good I am thinking about ordering a second to hang over my fireplace in the family room" K.N. --Michigan

"Thanks, it fit like a glove. If I need any more parts--I will call you" C.G. --Massachusetts

"Exactly what we needed. Thanks! I hope we can do more business in the future" C.C.-- California  

"Thanks for the great restoration of my rear view mirror." MT-- Massachusetts

"FYI the dash bezel I purchased arrived last night and looks really good. Great wrapping job, could have survived a nuclear attack" R.F. --Virginia

"Received arm rest in Caracas, all very good packing and condition" H.R. –Venezuela 

"I got the package about a half hour ago and the parts look GREAT! The condition of the parts and the detail work is very nice. Thank you again, and I'll keep you in mind for the future" T.D. --New York

 "I just installed the tail light lenses I bought from you, after the completion of my paint and body work.
 They were in excellent condition and fit perfect." M.B --South Carolina

 "Hi -- I received my order today and am very pleased. Will keep you guys in mind for future parts." B.S. --Nova Scotia

 "Thanks again for your help, the shop said the parts look great. Have a happy holiday" B.P. --Massachusetts

"Got the radio and looks really good. Very happy with it. Thanks and nice dealing with you. Happy Holidays" S V-- Maryland

"I just wanted to close the loop and let you know that I did receive the parts for my GS coupe. Everything is in order. Thanks much!" R.M. –Pennsylvania

" I just got the seat belts in the mail. They look amazing!!! Thanks" V.B. --New York

"Received the tail light lenses. They look great" M.B. --Texas

" I received the package yesterday. The parts look GREAT!! Thanks very much for the descriptions, pics and your patience on this stuff." M. R. --Michigan

" Thanks very much for your attention to the details. It's getting VERY hard to find sellers that really look things over closely and inform the buyer of any problems" P. G. --Texas

"It's great to have more quality people on the board. Thanks for selling me such a nice fender for my convert this Spring.
 I hope to do business w/you in the future". P.M. –Massachusetts

"Two ashtrays arrived today, Paul. They look great! --R. W. Florida

"Parts received….excellent as usual….thanks" --P.T. Massachusetts

"I received the emblem and it matches the other one I have perfectly.Thanks for your help" M.W. –California

"Got mirrors on Wednesday. Everything looks great. Thanks again." C. W. --Ohio

"I just got the dash board today Thank You for sending it If I need something, I will call you" T.E.-- Florida

"Verrrrry nice-- Now I believe!! Will tell all the goat guys to give ya a call first!!!!!! Thnx" J.M. --New York

"Your parts worked great and I've been telling people to call you for parts! Thanks." T.P. –Minnesota

"Just a note to tell you everything showed up in good condition. Thanks a lot" B. D. –Washington

"Good day--- and many thanks for your prompt, positive and kindly assistance. Looking forward to receive the parts" H.R. -- Caracas, Venezuela.

"Got the passenger door trim for my 69 cutlass this morning, I am extremely pleased with its condition and I have just installed it... Looks perfect!Thanks very much and you have gained another very happy customer" J.N.—Ohio

"You did a nice job restoration on my 1970 Cutlass Convertible Clock. Thanks for the great service" M.T. --New Hampshire

"I got the hub caps today. They are really nice! Thank you very much. Also the packing job was outstanding.
Thanks for taking the time to make sure I  got them undamaged. I will contact you about other items I need. Thanks again" D. K. --Massachusetts

"Hi --just a quick email to let you know I picked up the Dash Pad you sent me yesterday. I was very impressed with condition... You are a man of your word!!!! I will let my other "Canadian A Body Friends" know of your expertise in finding and delivering parts for their cars"G. G. --Ontario

"I received both items. Grill on Monday and the shroud Tues. They look great. Thanks" K.C-- Massachusetts

"Hi!---Received hubs today! Thanks a lot"-- S. W. -Sweden

"Great packing job! Received in fine shape. Thanks much." L. M. --Michigan

"Got the part on Monday. It looks great. " R. B. --Oregon

"Really nice shape compared to what I had!! This should make things a little easier on my wallet" J. J. -Ohio

"Just wanted to say thank you for sending that floor piece you went above and beyond for me and I appreciate it I wont forget it" D. O. Minnesota

"The parts arrived on Saturday, and look like new! Thanks" R. W. --Florida

"It arrived today, It looks great. I'll keep your flyer for the future. Thanks again" J.M. --Florida

"Part arrived a few minutes ago and looks great!" R.W. --Florida

"Thanks for the part. It works great." R.B. --Oregon

"Got the airdam and it looks super.Now my Olds is complete :)))))))))))))))))" B. B. --Arizona

"I got the part today. Looks great. I will be in touch on the convertible parts I need soon" --J.C.-- Washington

"Just wanted to let you know part you sent was awesome" J.S. --Texas

"Got it, in great condition. Thank you very much" S.P. --Texas

"Got the parts on Friday afternoon -- they look great!! Thanks again for the help." K. C. --Michigan 
"Just wanted to let you know I received the other box and everything looks great!!!!! I will definitely be telling my friends about the high quality used parts you carry.  Thank you very much."  N.H. -Illinois

"I got a P. M. from my ole buddy Paul in Conn. who owns ros6872. He's a nice guy and always treated me fair with parts. He also  does mirrors and seat belts. Check out his web site ros6872parts.com.
He's a stitch,  He knows A bodies well enough to disassemble them at night in the dark but can't type worth a Tinkers Hurray    If'in ya'll need any A body stuff he's an honest parts guy in the mine field of parts guys out there."          J.B. -Georgia.

"The Cutlass F-85 Grille is perfect I absolutely love it.  Here is a picture to show you what it stands like today. Thanks for  your time & look forward to doing future business with u soon"   J.D. -California
"Thanks so much for all the help you have been to me.    Without your help, I would not have been  able to add the finishing touches to my car.  It looks really nice"   L.A. -New Mexico

"I've purchased a couple things from you guys in the past and have been pleased with your parts" . D.S.  -Ohio

"ROS has been a great help with some hard to find parts that helped out with the restoration of my 70 SS454 LS6.  With the price of NOS out of sight and repro  parts not acceptable, reconditioned,original GM parts is the way to go and these guys are great"         C. C. -Connecticut

"I've purchased a few things from these guys and they have represented their parts accurately and have shipped promptly"    D.T.  - Indiana

"I've purchased from ROS in the past. No problems, parts were always "as described"     J.R.  -Pennsylvania

"I like your website & direction.  Nothing beats original GM parts".  A.P.--Massachusetts
"Got the headlight bezel - it's great"    K.W.-- Alabama

"Thanks for working this out in less than ideal circumstance. I truly appreciate what you were able to do"     G..F –Massachusetts

"The clock looks great and just as you told me it would keeps great time. The ash tray fits perfectly and looks better than you described after all, it only holds change now." M.G.  -- California

"Very happy with parts, thanks"    T.D. –New York

"P.S. I brought Tilt steering column from you. It worked out very nice!"    J.V.  –New York

"Thanks for everything and I'll certainly give you a shout if I need additional parts."    S.M.  --New York

"Thanks for the trunk light...nice piece and it worked perfectly."   A.S.  --Canada

"I did get the parts on Friday. I am very pleased with the parts. Thank you!"   W.P. -- New Jersey

"Thanks for the parts.  They look great. "   W.K. -- Alabama

"The mirrors made it here today in really good shape thanks to the awesome packing you did. Excellent job."  G.F.--Wyoming
“I’ve been dealing with Paul (ROS) for over five years during my restoration. He’s honest with his description of parts, has fair pricing and a large selection of parts. Paul also has a great abundance of  knowledge in the Oldsmobile world as well as contacts. He has been a great help during my restoration process.”   D.L.  –New Jersey

“The wheel well trim for my 68 442 arrived yesterday and is a great piece—thank you”   R.F. –Michigan

“The parts arrived yesterday and man, they look great! They are everything you said they would be.....sure wish I would have found you sooner!!!”    D.G.  –Illinois

“Got harness and heater control today--all good. If I need anything else I will let you know. Thanks”   M.P.  --Tennessee

"Thanks for the quick turnaround on the parts"   P.A.--Florida   

“The mirror you recently sold us is on the 1969 Hurst Olds”… P.A.—Florida

“Package arrived safe and sound --everything looks great –Thanks”  R.S.—Massachusetts

“Received the goods... exactly what I was after. Will keep you in mind in future-- also give details to friends etc”..  W.T. --New Zealand

“The lights arrived today - they are PERFECT!!  Thank you so much for offering these items”  P. B.  –Texas

“The parts you sold me last year are great parts.  They look very nice on my 68 Special ”  L.A.  –New Mexico

“I received the radiator cover-thanks for the quick delivery”  P.L.-- New York
“Package arrived yesterday.  Item looks nice.  Will let you know how it works when I can get it installed”. P.F. –California  

“Thanks for sand blasting the alternator brackets for me, got them on Saturday”  K.C.—Michigan

"The lights look very nice, exactly how you described them”  G.G. –France

 “The parts you sent me were fine.  Actually they were very nice—Thanks"  D.M.  –Mississippi

 “I just wanted to let you know I received the bell housing you shipped yesterday. It arrived fine no damage, you did a very good job packing. I looked it over and I think it looks very good, definitely better  than the one I have”  M.A.  –New York

“Got the BIG HEAVY box today. Louvers look fantastic! Damn, how long did it take to pack that stuff?”  A.G.  –Ohio

“I just received the parts today....They are just exactly what I needed... Thanks very much for doing that for me...I send you a picture when I'm done with the seat...Thanks again for everything”  T.G.  –Washington

“Got the gauge unit, looks beautiful.  Wanted to say thank you very much for everything, couldn't be any happier with the unit."  M.M.  --Illinois
"Got the parts today--everything looked great"   T.K.  --Missouri  

“The lock got here quick and looks and works great.---I will check with you first next time I need a part”  N.C.  -–Florida

“I wanted to thank you for the buckles - they will work perfectly”  C.T.  -–New York

“Arrived as promised as described. Moldings look appropriate to the car. Thanx” T.K.  -–Illinois

"The molding arrived last week--put it on the car yesterday & it looks great. Thanks for sending a high quality piece"  D.J. --New Jersey

"Received  the parts yesterday & they look real good--Thanks a lot for the hose--that save me some bucks...that's one hellova packing job".  D.A. --Texas

"I received everything from you on Saturday and everything was as described and very pleased!!! Thanks"  J.J.  --Ohio

"The package arrived yesterday. Everything was as expected. Thanks again for being a part of my restoration experience! You've made it a pleasure"   D.O-- Pennsylvania

"The grille arrived safe and no damages, very well packaged. Just in time, thank you very much, I have bookmarked your website. Thanks again"  H.P. --California

" I received moldings today ---I`m a Happy Camper good job  -thank you !"  C.B .--California

"I received the A/C Line & Muffler assembly from you today and I am very happy with it. It is just as you described it and I couldn't be happier.I am restoring  my '70 Skylark back to original and I wish I had found your company sooner.  Have a great day".  R.R.-- Ohio

"Thanks for the quick shipment of my chrome hood piece. It looks great. I'll call you if I need anything else.  Thanks again"  C.P. --North Carolina

"Thanks for the seat belts, they far exceeded my expectations."  P. K. --Arizona

"Trim was awesome.  As described.  Will be put to good use.  Be in touch if anything else I need. Thanks"--T.P.   Michigan 

"Got box today..... good parts......thanks"  K.P.-- Indiana

"I got the box yesterday. Thanks for everything. Ill be sure to keep you in mind."   T.P. --Minnisota

"I got the tail lights and the other parts today.  They look nice, thank you."   C.K.-- California

"I wanted to email you and let you know the part looks great.  I was really impressed with the look and quality of the unit. I will be getting back to you on other items down the road--Thanks for all your help! I have your email address on file"    P.B. --California

"Received today, everything looks great. Thanks for your service."  J.B.-- Missouri

"The feeling is mutual.  A real pleasure to deal with someone that knows their stuff and are fair with the pricing"  J.V. --Michigan

"You did a nice job restoration on my 1970 Cutlass Convertible Clock. Thanks for the great service"  M.T.  --New Hampshire

"I received the heat controller today, thanks, very nice condition" C.S. --Texas

"PS; great job with the shipping of the A/C housing-- nice unit..it's going to work out fine"  J.L. New Jersey

"They arrived today and look great--Thanks  " R.W.-- Florida

"The door chrome for the car arrived and it was perfect.  No dents and straight.  The packing job you did was perfect and protected this fragile part perfectly. Thanks for a great item!!   Maryland Muscle Car, LLC very much appreciates your help on our project build"  J.G. --Maryland